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Does the Agency offer any other programs?
Yes. Housing Choice Voucher participants can join the Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program on a voluntary basis. This program enables the head of household to establish goals for themselves which will enable them to become economically self sufficient. The program also offers individual savings accounts which the Agency contributes money to based on increases in the family's income. The participant receives these funds upon the completion of their goal(s) within the period of the contract. Contact Clarissa Manjarres of this office at (973)569-2177 for further details.

Housing - Section 8

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1. Is the waiting list open?
2. What is your service area?
3. Does the Agency offer any other programs?
4. How is my portion of the rent calculated?
5. What do I do if the tenant isn’t paying the rent, paying the rent late, or damaging the unit?
6. How can I find a tenant for my available apartment?
7. What criteria is used in the inspection of the apartment?
8. When is the apartment inspected?