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Q &A on Submitting Requested Electronic Formats
Q&A on Submitting Requested Electronic Formats

The County of Passaic has requested that many of the current RFQ, RFP, and Bid proposals currently posted on our website, www.passaiccountynj.org be submitted in the following way:

  • One (1) Original Paper hard copy with all forms containing original signatures
  • One (1) Paper hard copy, for a total of 2 copies, one original & one on paper
  • One (1) PDF electronic copy on a CD or Thumb Drive

A question from a potential vendor has been submitted as to how to accomplish this.

Please use this Q & A as a suggestion only in regards to how to submit a proposal to comply with this request.

  1. Fill out the original package, sign all forms and enclose the signed technical proposal.
  2. Scan the original which turns the document into PDF format. (This is the step in the paper process where you would make copies of your original to fulfill the requested amount of copies; here, you are making an electronic copy of your original).
  3. Save the scan onto a CD, thumb/jump drive etc.
  4. Submit this format along with the paper original.
  5. If there is a hardship for your firm in submitting the electronic PDF copy on CD or Thumb Drive, paper copies can be substituted and will be accepted for the electronic copy. The number of paper copies necessary will depend on the RFP, RFQ, or Bid service being submitted.
Please Note: Your original paper hard copy (with all forms containing original signatures) will be considered your official response.